Presidentís word

New operating licence and far-reaching visions

2013 brought the new universities of applied sciences act along with the new operating licences. The operating licence of Tampere University of Applied Sciences gives a good basis for continuing with our profile-based focus areas: wellbeing and health, learning and creativity, business and production.

When preparing for the operating licence application, we made significant and far-reaching decisions at TAMK. As culture educator TAMK decided to focus on music and media. Music education is implemented together with Tampere Conservatoire and media education will transfer to the new Mediapolis. Mediapolis will be one of the most significant Finnish media environments where education, research, and practical working life meet and interact on a daily basis.

The new UAS legislation which came into effect at the beginning of 2014 established the performance-based funding model which above all emphasises academic progress, graduation, and RDI. The funding and education volume cuts made by the Ministry of Education and Culture in 2012 also started to have an impact on operations. TAMK has prepared for these changes with long-term plans.

Our operational results of 2013 were good. The total number of completed degrees grew by approximately two per cents due to masterís degrees. Clear growth potential can be seen in internationally sold education products.

In research and development, the end of the EU structural fund period resulted in a significant drop in funding. Activation of RDI is now especially important as the new funding model further increases the weight of RDI in university of applied sciences funding.

Markku Lahtinen